Disney inspired wedding accessories

Whether you want your wedding to evoke Cinderella’s happy ending, Pocahontas’ natural beauty or Ariel’s nautical nuptials, you have to look the part! After you’ve sent out all of the appropriately Disney-themed wedding invitations and the big day has come, consider these adorable wedding accessories that even any Disney princess would be jealous of:

Shell bouquets
Who said your bouquet had to be filled with flowers? Take a note from Ariel and gather all of your favorite shells to carry with you down the aisle. You could even combine both flowers and underwater accessories for a stunning, beachy arrangement.

Sparkly shoes
Since wearing an actual glass slipper throughout your entire wedding might be a tad uncomfortable, evoke Cinderella with these gorgeous peep toe, shimmering heels that you’ll love to show off.

Natural necklace
Channel your inner Pocahontas with this turquoise statement necklace. It’s a new, more modern take on the princess.

Red bow
If your favorite Disney princess was Snow White, get her look by wearing a bright red bow headband in your hair as you make your way down the aisle. It adds the perfect splash of color and I’m sure you can even pull it off better than Snow White did.

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