Envelope icing 101

If you’re preparing to send out your wedding invitations and realize that you have to write about 200 addresses by hand, that might put a damper on your day. By the 100th envelope, your handwriting may start to resemble that of a third grader. But no fear, envelope icing is here to help.

What is icing?
This cool finishing touch to your envelopes not only amps up the style, it makes sending out invitations very easy. It’s essentially a sticker that can be printed with virtually anything you could imagine: a monogram, a picture, your return address, or just pretty colors and designs! The sticker wraps around the envelope so that both your return address and the names of your guests can be seen on the front and back. Names and addresses can be printed directly onto the icing for you and decorated in any color you could imagine, helping you to stick to your wedding theme.

These stickers aren’t just for weddings, either! They can be used for any occasion that requires invitations. Whether you’re sending out announcements for a new addition to the family or are celebrating a graduation, envelope icing is perfect for any event.

One of my favorite examples of envelope icing is on this save the date. As you can see, this design is short, sweet, simple and to-the-point. The bold black and white text really pops against the bright pink envelope.

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