Fun gender reveal party ideas

Gender reveal parties were all the rage last year, and they’re continuing to grow in popularity in 2014. It’s such an exciting way to find out the big news of your little one’s gender. You’re surrounded by friends and family for the perfect celebration. Enhance the excitement of your soiree with these party planning ideas:

Confetti push pops
Instead of cutting into a cake or releasing a box of balloons to discover the gender of your little one, consider offering your guests confetti push pops. This way, your guests can be a part of the gender reveal, and as the colorful pink or blue confetti fills the air, you will all find out the news at the same time.

Lotto tickets
For your gender reveal event, pass out scratch-off faux lotto tickets. However, make sure that only one of the tickets holds the gender of your future child. The rest of the cards will have a question mark show up when it is scratched off. Then one lucky guest will be able to share the news that it’s a boy or a girl.

Hit a big question mark piñata until it’s broken open so that you can discover the gender of your little one. You can choose what’s inside – it could be either pink or blue candies, or pink or blue paper. You and your other half can take turns hitting the piñata to both be part of the action.

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