Give your Easter party a charming Southern spin

Spring is in the air, which means it’s about time to celebrate Easter! Before you send out your personalized invitations, start the planning process and consider putting a charming Southern spin on your event. There’s just something about a Southern event that evokes elegance and class while still maintaining a casual and comfortable environment. To achieve the same inviting atmosphere, consider any of these ideas for your Easter get-together.

Refreshing beverages
Putting a Southern spin on your ice-cold spring beverages is all in the way they’re presented. Set out a display of mason jars and brightly striped straws for your guests to use for drinks. Set out rustic tin buckets filled with ice so your guests can help themselves to the ice. Then fill glass pitchers with plenty of lemonade, sweet tea and water.

A tasty menu
For your main dish, how about offering guests a mouthwatering bourbon and brown sugar ham? This delectable cut of meat would pair well with bacon-wrapped asparagus (which is a healthy and versatile in-season veggie), macaroni and cheese, sugar snap peas, mango salsa with tortilla chips and a fresh fruit salad. Don’t forget about dessert either! You really can’t go wrong with the classics like brownies and cookies, but you should also consider whipping up a tasty carrot cake, or maybe bourbon banana pudding with glazed pecans, to complement the main course.

Brighten up the table
Use vibrant bold-colored prints for your chair’s seat cushions and pair with matching placemats or a tablecloth. Scatter brightly hued plastic eggs across the center of the table for appropriately themed decor. Alongside the eggs, include arrangements of fresh flowers in old brass teapots for a fun vintage look.

Start the hunt for the kids
If little ones will be present at your Easter party, you can’t forget about the classic Easter egg hunt. Place brightly colored eggs around your home or backyard and offer the children wicker baskets in which to collect them. If you’re placing the eggs outside, make sure to fill them with treats that won’t melt under the sun.

Send off your guests
Don’t let your loved ones leave your Southern Easter get-together empty handed. A day or two before the party is scheduled to take place, whip up sugar cookies in fun Easter shapes, like bunnies, eggs and flowers. Decorate them, place them in a cute metal pail with some lace tied around it, and let your guests take the treats home to enjoy on their own time.

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