Hop on the baby bandwagon with a gender reveal party

Many parents wish to know the sex of their baby before the birth – and just because you’re not waiting until delivery to discover your baby’s sex doesn’t mean it can’t be just as good of a surprise! Get your friends and family in on the action by hosting a gender reveal party where both you and your guests discover the baby’s gender at the same time. Here are a few fun party planning tips for your anticipatory get-together:

Colored confections
One of the most exciting ways to keep the gender a secret is to have a cake that reveals the gender of the baby by having either blue or pink filling. Ask your ultrasound tech to write the sex of the baby on a piece of paper – this is what you’re going to hand to your baker (no peaking!). Then when you make the first slice on your cake … surprise!

Balloons for baby
Another popular method for revealing your baby’s sex is to give that slip of paper to the man or lady behind the counter at a party supply store. The associate can then fill a large box with either pink or blue balloons. Once you and your guests are all lined up to witness the reveal, you can open the box and let your colors fly!

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