Tips for a better baby shower

A baby shower is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the mom-to-be and the life of the little one that will soon come into the world. It’s a time for food, fun themed decor and gifts for the new mommy. If you’re throwing a baby shower, here are a few party planning ideas to help the event go as perfectly as possible:

Keep the shower short and sweet
It’s best to do a lot of celebrating in a fairly short amount of time. Keep it to no longer than two or three hours. A baby shower that goes on for too long can be uncomfortable and exhausting for the pregnant mom. On the personalized invitations, have a specific start and end time to the big event.

Opt for easy-to-prepare foods
Keep any last minute heavy preparations to a minimum by choosing foods that are not only easy to prepare, but can also be eaten at room temperature, like cheese and vegetable tarts, homemade pizzas, fruit or green salads and small sandwiches. You can also consider throwing the shower potluck style, where each guest brings an appetizer to share.

Choose games that everyone can play
Make sure that both the parent-to-be and each party guest is enjoying themselves. Engage every party goer by playing a game like name that baby tune. Play a list of songs that have “baby” or “babe” in the title and let guests test their music knowledge with this fun activity.

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