How to host a “killer” Halloween party

You know on those murder mystery shows where the tiniest bit of evidence cracks the case? They’re a great example of how the smallest details add up to a “killer” party!

Whatever your Halloween party theme, add in some of these ideas for Halloween party details to die for.

Creepy candy bar

Fill vintage jars and vases with sweets that get creepy when you label them in a fun way. Big gumballs can be eyeballs (or better yet, find eyeball design gumballs). Black jelly beans can be bat livers. White meringue candy becomes ghost droppings. Gummy worms can be zombie guts.

Special vintage

Remove all the labels from your wine bottles and replace them with antique-looking labels with icky titles for the contents. Red wine can be Bat’s Blood. White wine can be Werewolf Poison. Others can be Evil Spirits, Truth Serum, Ghost Blood and Witches’ Brew.

Cold blooded

Freeze plastic spiders, bugs and eyeballs in ice cubes to add a yucky touch to drinks. Fill a latex glove with water and freeze it, too, and add the frozen “hand” to a bowl of red punch.

Scary surroundings

Add little things to your décor that will make guests jump. Add a small red candle to the top of white pillar candles. The red wax will drip down in bloody flames. Add glass eyeballs to the center of the flowers in your creepy centerpiece. Add fake blood fingerprints to all your dishes and glasses. Print out vintage photos on sheer paper and cover your mirrors and framed photos with them.

Trickster tips

Ask a friend to hide out and do behind-the-scenes, our-of-sight scary stuff for you like flicker the lights periodically, turn on a fan to suddenly blow out candles, open a creaky door, stomp up and down the attic or basement stairs, and play spooky music that comes out of “nowhere.”

Everyone will be talking about your “killer” party details until next Halloween.

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