Personalizing your wedding invitations

Designing your wedding invitations should be fun, not stressful! That’s why Carlson Craft dealers work individually with every bride to help you get your personal style, wording and overall invitation design just right. Here are a few ways they can help you customize your wedding invitations:

Address book
Take the hassle out of addressing 100+ invitations and let Carlson Craft do the work for you. Carlson Craft offers a unique, online service to brides who want that classic calligraphy on their wedding invitations. All you have to do is go to the List Personalization Services and enter in your guest list from your address book. We’ll take it from there to ensure your envelopes have a hand-addressed look without you having to cramp your fingers.

The right phrase
The type of wedding you are planning will most likely dictate the way you word your wedding invitations. Whether you’re planning a black-tie affair or an intimate destination wedding, our dealers will work with you to get the phrasing just right. Whether you want a more informal look with fun fonts and numbers or prefer a formal, cursive look with every last T crossed and I dotted, our dealers will make sure your invitations reflect not only the type of ceremony you want to throw, but also your personality.

Decorative touches
Carlson Craft dealers can fine-tune your invitations to a T. You create a list of how you’d like your envelopes, place cards, bands and tabs personalized; choose a lettering and ink color; and leave the rest up to our dealers for personalized items with professional flair. Our List Personalization Services is fast and simple to use. Carlson Craft dealers offer color printing to match your wedding palette, unique prints and art deco designs to fit your wedding theme (beach, garden retro etc.), as well as finishing touches like ribbon and bows. Want the lining of your envelopes in a different color? They can do that too! The sky is the limit when it comes to creating your one-of-a-kind wedding invitations.

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