National Dress Up Your Pet Day

National Dress Up Your Pet Day is coming up on Jan. 14. This fun event started back in 2009 thanks to Colleen Paige, an animal behaviorist and celebrity pet lifestyle expert. Show off your furry friend in fun outfits like sweaters, pajamas or costumes. You can choose ensembles that put your pet’s personality on display, whether they’re warm and fuzzy, sassy or tough. Whatever you choose, this is your chance to walk Fido or Fluffy in public as a proud pet owner.

This day was implemented to celebrate all of our animals and the fashion that can often come with owning a pet. Even if you don’t have a dog or cat, you can still dress up rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs or hamsters.

While it’s fun to dress up your furry companion in outfits that highlight their best features, you have to keep your pet’s comfort in mind at all times. If you can clearly see that they are uncomfortable and that the costume is compromising how well they can hear or see, you may want to reconsider the outfit choice. Also make sure that the ensemble you choose won’t put your animal at risk for choking.

Have fun and be safe with Fido or Fluffy this year as you parade your animal throughout town on National Dress Up Your Pet Day.

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