Peacock Plumes and Beautiful Blues

My daughter’s eighth birthday is coming up, and she has only one theme request: a peacock party. This doesn’t surprise me. Peacocks and peacock colors seem to be the décor de jour as of late. This exotic bird has flown right into the hearts of brides, birthday girls and celebrants far and wide and doesn’t seem to be bidding adieu any time soon!

During my college days, burgundies and dark greens were the hot colors for weddings (as eight of the ten bridesmaid dresses stuffed into garment bags in the back of my closet attest!). But as with all things, tastes change. Colors make a bold impact and then quietly drift into the background to make way for the next big color schemes. Currently, teals, blues, and greens are making a splash with brides, all colors found on the peacock color spectrum. For an added punch of contrast, orange is a hopping hue as well.

Creative brides are putting peacock plumes and colors to use in everything from dresses, boutonnieres, floral arrangements, hair adornments, cakes, invites, and programs to anything else that can be embellished with the iridescent blue-green plumes of the proud peacock. The regal splendor of the peacock color combination evokes a rich, elegant air, while offering a cooler alternative to the fall favorites of mochas, browns and plums. And the fanciful feathers themselves, with their stunning blue and gold eyes and long graceful lines, pull together a natural element that is dramatic and, well, pretty!

The blue-green palette coordinates well with ivory or white, purple, gold, lavender, aqua, and black. Browsing the internet, I even came across peacock bouquets that included such accent colors as copper, orange, lime green, pink or fuchsia. It’s a fun theme to liven up and make playful.

If you haven’t browsed Carlson Craft’s albums lately, there are some stunning peacock themed stationery designs that will not only capture the attention of brides, but those looking for some trendy anniversary or birthday invites. Sweet 16’ers will take note, as well! These are designs that aren’t pigeon-holed (forgive the bird reference) into being just wedding invites!

My daughter, endeavoring to find just the right decorations for her birthday, sits perched on the couch, mom’s laptop plunked down on her lap. “Look at the cakes, mommy!” she gushes as she clicks through pictures online. Her surfing brings her to multi-tiered white, teal and blue wedding cakes with divine silk ribbons and plumes, vintage hair clips, bouquets vibrant with blues, greens, chartreuse, and gold, and the loveliest teal satin pumps with peacock feather clips I’ve ever seen.

While she asks if dad and I might spring for teal satin chair covers and vases overflowing with long peacock feathers, I gently explain that some fun teal and purple cupcakes might be in order as well as pin the feather on the peacock. For the moment, she’s appeased.

(However, deep down, I’m left thinking that if only my sister would hurry up and meet Mr. Right, I could really make this peacock theme soar and reach new heights!)

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August 27, 2012

Thank you for the wedding invite ideas!

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