Nail trends for your wedding day

When choosing your wedding invitations, gown, venue and more, you’ll likely look at the hottest trends to help you decide. The same should go for your nails. While they may seem like an insignificant detail, they can help perfect your bridal ensemble by coordinating with your bouquet or matching your wedding colors. Consider any of these top nail trends for your big day:

Contemporary caviar
Caviar nails are all the rage today for their classic and textured, yet trendy look. Instead of a single coat of nail polish, this look adds a layer of micro beads, creating the impression that you dipped them in caviar. You can go classic with an all-white manicure, or dress up only one nail with accents of color.

A sparkly ring finger
One trend that still remains popular is sporting a solid color on your fingernails, but switching up the style when it comes to your ring finger. Call more attention to this finger donning a ring with some sparkle, whether it’s glitter-dipped tips or a metallic shine.

Match your bouquet with soft shades of unexpected colors. Pastels offer a flirty and chic feel, contributing a subtle pop of color. Essie’s 2013 bridal collection has a variety of pastels you can choose from that match classic booms like peonies, hydrangeas, roses and lilacs.

Show some love
Sweetheart nail art allows you to really express how you’re feeling on your wedding day. This bride opted to scribble the word “love” across her nails in a classic black and white design, while this bride rocked a simple pink shade across all her nails with a dotted heart design on her ring finger.

Turns out, you can have lace in more areas than simply on your gown. Keep your nails neutral with a lace design to match the fabric on your dress.

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