Personalized anniversary gifts for your better half

Anniversaries are a time to stop and celebrate the special love the two of you share. But it's not always easy to come up with new gift ideas – especially if you've been lucky enough to be married for many years. These gifts aren't just tangible items, they're a unique way to express the love you have for each other. Here are a few fresh ideas for the perfect anniversary present:

Personalized smartphone or tablet cover
Give your better half's phone some style by designing his or her very own cover that can be placed on a phone or tablet. Instead of a boring old case, choose your favorite photo or photos of the two of you and have it turned into a case through Carlson Craft Photo Boutique. This way, whenever your spouse answers the phone, a reminder of your love will be there.

A blanket
The fall and winter months are fast approaching, so warm things up with a throw blanket. But not just any blanket – you can have one personalized for a cozy gift the two of you can share. Choose the photo from your wedding invitations, or a recent one of the family.

Morning mug
Is your husband or wife an avid coffee or tea drinker? If so give him or her a gift that he or she will frequently use: a mug! It's a daily reminder of the special relationship that you two share. It may just even become his or her new favorite mug.

Mouse​ pad
Does your husband or wife spend a lot of time at the office? If so, put a little reminder in his or her office space of a special memory that you both shared. Whether it's a vacation photo or a goofy one you took together hanging around the house, it can be turned into a mouse​ pad for his or her desk.

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