Popular colors for your winter wedding

Colors associated with winter weddings are often cool shades of blue or a variety of creamy whites. While these are beautiful hues, they’re not your only options when it comes to choosing a color palette for your nuptials. Here are a few other beautiful hues to pick from for a winter wedding:

Purple and dark pink
Pinks and purples blend well together because they’re similar in hue. These stunning colors contrast perfectly against a traditional white dress, not to mention a blanket of sparkling snow. Let your guests know the colors you have chosen by sending out wedding invitations that represent the two shades. Combine orchids, lilies and dahlias for a dramatic bouquet to carry down the aisle, adding in plenty of greenery.

Black and white
For a formal winter wedding, no palette is more perfect than black and white. The color combination exudes class, luxury and elegance. Display a variety of cupcakes with bright white, creamy frosting on a glossy black cake stand, fill black and white vases with neutral-colored blooms on your reception tables or don a white gown with a black sash wrapped around your waist.

Pale green and chocolate brown
Mix the warm, rich hue of chocolate brown with a pastel-like green for the perfect winter palette. The two shades can be blended to fit a formal or casual affair. While the colors are opposite each other on the color wheel, they make a good pair. Try using the hues in creative ways. For example, the brown can be displayed through a hot chocolate bar at the reception or brown-colored cake pops, while the green can come through by using ribbons, sweet treats or table runners.

Silver and gold
Bring a bit of sparkle to your big day with the use of silver and gold. For your reception centerpieces, you can fill glass vases with silver and gold ornaments surrounded by plenty of greenery and warmly lit candles. Use neutral colors in your bridal bouquet like creamy whites and shades of brown.

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