Rehearsal dinner 101

There are many pre-wedding activities, one of which is the rehearsal dinner. It’s tradition to get together with the bridal party as well as a small group of family and friends the night before the nuptials take place. Here is everything you’ll need to know about this big event:

What is a rehearsal dinner?
This dinner most often takes place the night before the wedding and gives your bridal party as well as friends and family a chance for everyone to get to know one another before the wedding day in a non-hectic setting. The goal is to make everyone feel comfortable and ease any pre-wedding nerves.

Should you send invitations?
For a larger party, it’s appropriate to send out invitations. This Dinner Setting Invitation is perfect for an intimate event with family and friends.

Who hosts?
According to tradition, it’s often the groom’s family who hosts the rehearsal dinner. However, it’s becoming common for the couple themselves to host, or even both the bride and groom’s family together.

Who’s invited?
It’s often a more intimate event than the wedding itself. It’s generally the wedding party and your immediate families that are invited.

Where do I have it?
The venue for the rehearsal dinner is completely up to you. You could opt to have it match the feel of your wedding. For example, if you have a more formal affair, you may want to think about hosting the dinner at a hotel ballroom or fine restaurant. But if your wedding is on the casual side, you could have a BBQ at your house or plan it for a more laid-back restaurant.

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