Throwing a winter warm-up party

The chilling temperatures of winter cause many to want to curl up on their couch with a cup of hot cocoa and their favorite movie. So why not turn that into an event with friends? It’s called a winter warm-up party. Think about all the things that you find comforting in cold weather: sweaters, chicken noodle soup, hot cocoa, blankets, etc. Bring them all together with your loved ones and you have yourself the perfect winter party. Consider any of these ideas for your seasonal event:

Send out invitations
Mail out personalized invitations to all of your guests so that they know what to expect at this event. Provide all the party details and make a note of the dress code. Ask your guests to arrive comfortably with their favorite sweaters, sweatpants and blankets. Should you choose, you can also ask them to bring a hot appetizer, dish or drink of their choice to share with everyone.

Get creative with drinks
While hot chocolate is certainly a must at your winter warm-up party, there are many more options to serve your guests. Think outside the box with apple pie spiced cider, hot buttered rum or Irish coffee. Your loved ones can choose whichever beverage they would like to warm themselves up.

Choose cozy decorations
When picking a color palette for your party, opt for hues that are soft, rich and warm, like golds, reds, oranges or yellows. Fill the space with candles – preferably scented ones with smells of the season, like apple pie, pine trees or vanilla-peppermint. But be sure to only choose one – you don’t want to overwhelm the space with too many conflicting scents. Not only will these candles help to ward off the cold, they offer a welcoming and warming glow as well.

Converse over fondue
Get conversation flowing by setting out pots of cheese or chocolate fondue and a platter of various foods for dipping, like fresh fruit and vegetables, cubes of bread and pretzels.

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