Tips for hosting a flawless housewarming party

Housewarming parties are the perfect way to celebrate that you’re now a homeowner. It’s a big step in your life and it’s one that your friends and family are going to definitely want to share with you. Show off your new home in the best way with these foolproof housewarming party planning tips:

Send out invitations
This is the type of event that calls for invitations. Mail invitations a few weeks ahead of time so that your guests have enough notice to clear their schedules. Make a note on the invitation if there is a specific theme or dress code that will be required of guests.

Set the tone with music
Music can be used to set the theme of the party for whatever mood you’re trying to achieve. Try creating a playlist that will cover a few hours of the event ahead of time. This way, you won’t have to keep scrolling for a tune to play instead of entertaining your guests.

Keep the food simple
You’re not hosting a dinner party, it’s a housewarming event. With that being said, feel free to keep the food simple, only offering appetizers and finger foods for your guests to snack on. Try wine and cheese, fruit platters, and chips and dip.

Serve a variety of cocktails
Be sure to have a wide array of beverages for your guests to enjoy – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. You should have enough drinks for each person to have about two to three glasses.

Pay attention to lighting
The lighting in your home can set the mood just as much as the decor and the music. Make sure to dim the lights instead of having them harshly shine on your guests. All you’ll need is a combination of ambient and accent lighting for a warm glow throughout your space.

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