Tips for hosting your own Super Bowl party

After an action-packed football season, it’s the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos that are headed to the Super Bowl. This is the perfect excuse to throw a get-together with friends. All of you can relax, eat and cheer on your favorite team as they fight for the title of Super Bowl champions. Here are a few spectacular party planning ideas for your event:

Offer more than beer
While beer is the traditional drink of choice for football games, it shouldn’t be the only one that you offer your guests. Have a selection of wine, cocktails and soft drinks as well. Then your guests can happily select their beverage of choice.

Have plenty of finger foods
Game day is all about enjoying foods that you can just grab with your hands, like nachos, buffalo wings, pizza and chicken strips. Get a head count for your party so you know how many appetizers to whip up.

Have a plan for spills
When your favorite team runs the ball in for a touchdown, it’s likely to get a bit rowdy. It’s common for guests to accidentally knock over a beverage or a plate of food. This just means that you have to be prepared with the proper cleaning supplies. Have plenty of paper towels and stain remover on hand so that a little spill won’t interrupt the excitement of the game.

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