Trendy moms throwing green baby showers

Trendy moms throwing green baby showers

These days, you can go green with practically anything, from home decor to clothing. The same goes for baby showers. Mommies-to-be are making an effort to host a shower that is as sustainable as it is fun. Here are a few ideas for a green baby shower:

Eco-friendly invitations
Look for personalized invitations that are made from recycled paper. Your guests will never know – it’s just as elegant and beautiful as traditional stationery.

Give your guests gift ideas
Not many of your guests may know where they can find a sustainable gift for your shower. On the invitations, give your guests a heads up of all the eco-friendly stores that sell items that you’re looking for. From clothing and baby food to diapers and toys, it’s easy to find a sustainable present. This way, they’ll know exactly where to go, and you’ll get what you want!

Natural decor

locally grown flowers to fill your baby shower with color, beauty and a fresh scent. You can also use brightly colored fruits and veggies to double as table decor and centerpieces.

Reusable gift bags
Send your baby shower guests home with a reusable tote that they can use for groceries, as a purse or for storage. Customize the front with a logo or design that is baby-themed.

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