Unique ways to announce the birth of your baby

Once your little one enters the world, it's time to share the news with all of your friends and family! And because this is such an exciting time, it's only appropriate that you reveal the information in a unique way. Consider these ideas for the big reveal:

Send out announcements
This option is perfect if you have family or friends who live far away. This Clothesline – Baby Photo Announcement – Bright White puts your little one in the spotlight with an adorable picture, accompanied by text that shares his or her name, the date of the birth and his or her weight. This is an easy way to get your loved ones involved in the excitement surrounding your brand new baby.

Dress your child in a onesie
Once your child is born, dress him or her in a onesie with all of the important information printed on it. This white onesie for a boy displays his name, weight and the date and time he was born. Snap a picture of your adorable little one sporting this piece of clothing and send it to all of your friends and family.

Be sweet
You can opt to order personalized candy bars, suckers or M&M's with your baby's name printed on them. You may even be able to customize the color, with baby blue for a boy and light pink for your little princess. Your loved ones will adore the sweet treats.

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