Do’s and don’ts of throwing a surprise party

Throwing a friend a surprise party is common and can be an exciting event for all involved. But this type of a soiree requires proper etiquette and a certain amount of planning.

Do give yourself plenty of time. A birthday bash for a party of 25 or more takes about six weeks of planning. One month before the get-together, consider renting a room at a restaurant or a bar if you’re not having the soiree at a private residence.

Do send out invitations. Personalized invitations are crucial for keeping the secret from the guest of honor. It’s important that you send out a clear message that the party is a surprise, and it’s meant to be kept that way. This It’s a Surprise – Invitation – Bright White is perfect for spreading the word.

Don’t tackle it all yourself. Party planning takes a good amount of time and effort, so enlisting a co-conspirator to help you get the job done can prevent any potential headaches. Your co-conspirator can help you with keeping the guest of honor out of the loop on the day of the party, or can be in charge of mailing invitations. By divvying up the responsibilities, everything can get done on time.

Don’t forget about the little things. If you throw a surprise party at an elegant venue and the birthday boy or girl shows up wearing workout gear, you may have a problem. The guest is going to want to look his or her best, so fake a plan to ensure he or she will be party-ready.

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