Wedding terms you might not know existed

Believe it or not, you may have to do a little vocabulary studying before you tie the knot. You would think the only words you would need to know are wedding invitations, dress, flowers and “I do,” but it turns out there are a few terms that a wedding planner may use that could be a bit unfamiliar to many brides. Here are a few:

No, you don’t use it to power up your phone. Rather, it’s a large decorative plate that’s placed under the dinner plate to bring an element of design, texture and color to the place setting.

This is otherwise known as a bite-sized appetizer, which is open and served on a small round of bread, cracker or vegetable.

This is a branched candlestick with arms that can hold multiple candles, much like Lumiere, the candle from “Beauty and the Beast.”

A tablescape is also known as a table arrangement or centerpiece. It’s often used to describe a table with multiple decorative elements.

This is an icing made from chocolate and cream that is used to decorate, cover or fill cakes.

This is otherwise known as a platform for the head table.

These are the chocolate and candy-covered almonds that are frequently given to wedding guests as favors.

If you’re planning on tying the knot like royalty, this is a need-to-know term. It’s a small or decorative hair accessory that is popular in England. Many guests wore them at William and Kate’s wedding. They often feature flowers, beads or netting and are attached to a comb or hair clip.

These are the flowers and foliage, like baby’s breath, that are used to fill out bouquets and other arrangements like reception table centerpieces.

Despite the fact that this sounds like a type of party, it’s actually a thin and sheer fabric made from silk.

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