Introduce your baby in style with photo announcements

Although you’re likely to call your immediate friends and family members after the arrival of your new bundle of joy, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment. Once you’ve settled in at home with the new baby, make sure to share the good news with all of your relatives by sending a baby announcement! Everyone will get a kick out of seeing your little boy or girl with these photo birth announcements!

Keep the announcement card short, sweet and to the point. The Oh Baby Post Card Birth design is a two-sided postcard design that requires little assembly. Have your baby’s name, birthday and any other important information printed on one side next to a blank area for addressing the card. The entire front side of the postcard is the perfect backdrop for a cute picture of your newborn.

Opt for a gender-specific card to announce the arrival of your baby. The Oh Baby Blue or Oh Baby Pink cards are the perfect way to get your friends and family excited about the new addition. Insert a picture of your baby boy or girl behind the cut-out flap for a cute reveal.

Whether you’re the proud parent of one or are welcoming twins, the Diamonds Birth announcement card allows for multiple pictures. The folded card includes a photo on the outside, plenty of space for the written announcement on the middle panel and the option to include a second image on the inside section of the card.

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