Wedding theme: love

Sometimes the best themes are the most obvious ones. If you haven’t decided on a theme for your big day yet, consider the one that will already be present: love. Check out these party planning ideas for your love-centered nuptials:

Use the iconic LOVE statue
Take some inspiration from the Love statue, which can be found at the Indianapolis Museum of Art as well as on the streets of New York City and Philadelphia. Incorporate the design into your sweet treats – put the wording on cupcakes, across a tier of your cake or printed onto cake pops.

Accents of red
A love-themed big day doesn’t have to follow the traditional red and pink colors that are associated with it. You could stick to a sophisticated black-and-white palette while adding in splashes of bold red here and there. Swipe the shade across your lips to brighten up your bridal ensemble or use red-colored blooms on the center of your reception tables. You could also top off a white cake with a single red flower or heart.

Heart-shaped balloons
Instead of bouquets, you could have your bridal party carry a red heart-shaped balloon down the aisle. Or you may want to use the props for the photo shoot only, giving the pictures a dazzling pop of color.

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