We’re Loving: Neon Accents

A trend that will be super popular in 2018 will be N-E-O-N. And we are completely
in love and excited to see all the ways this will be incorporated in the upcoming
wedding season! Of course neon can be used in numerous ways, but here are a few
of our favorites:

Neon backdrop – Add a super cute neon sign to a flower and greenery wall and you
have yourself the perfect DIY photo booth! The sign can be your initials or a simple
as a neon pink heart.

Glow sticks – Hand out glow sticks to your guest to wear on the dance floor. This is
sure to be a kid’s favorite. And who are we kidding, adults will love them too.

Guest book – Get a large chalkboard and have guests sign it with neon paint
markers. You can frame it later; it will be a fun keepsake from your special day!

Bright clothing – Bridesmaids can wear bright colored heels and groomsmen can
wear neon socks. It’s a cute way to have your wedding party wear a touch of color.

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