Why do the holidays prompt more engagements?

If you’re seeing an influx of newly engaged couples all over social media and receiving save the date announcements in the mail, you’re not the only one. This time of year seems to prompt many people to get down on one knee and pop the question. Facebook is filled with pictures of shiny rings and photos of blissful couples who are entering into the next stage of their relationship. In fact, research has actually proved that there are more engagements that happen during the holidays. Wedding Wire reported that about 33 percent of engagements occur between November and December.

You’re not the only one who has noticed this trend of love occurring throughout the U.S. Jewelers also see a boost in sales during this time of year, making 36 percent of their yearly sales during November and December. So what is it about these two months that makes everyone so love crazy? Some believe that because the holidays are all about being with friends and family, it seems to be a perfect time to pop the question. That way, everyone can witness it and celebrate it together. It could also be because people can actually afford engagement rings with their end of year bonuses.

The start of the new year usually means many wedding planners and vendors are busy creating the dream wedding of lots of couples. If you’re lucky enough to be a newly engaged bride this new year, here are a few things to cross off your list:

Get a manicure
You’re going to be showing that beautiful ring off to everyone you know, so make sure your nails look primped and perfect to really enhance your new sparkly accessory.

Insure your engagement ring
You would never want anything to happen to your precious ring, but if for some reason something unfortunate happens, you want to have an insurance plan that will help you get that bling back on your finger. If you don’t have your rock insured, you may not be able to replace it. Don’t hold off on insuring your ring – it will give you peace of mind, which is priceless.

Start a wedding savings account
A wedding is a big expense – even if you’re only planning on having an intimate affair. It’s best for you and your finances if you create an account specifically to save money for your nuptials. Set a budget so that you know how much you can spend at the end of the day.

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