We’re loving: laser-cut linen

Spring Wedding
The great thing about using the outdoors for your wedding is that you can choose from a beautiful variety of locations. Using the outdoor elements and your fantastic style to give your wedding a unique flair. It’s absolutely fabulous!

Invite your guests with the perfect invitation like our Linen Love Invitation. This beautiful card will be adored by all with it’s delicate laser-cut design.

For your seating chart you can use standard round tables or try playing it up with rectangular tables instead. With rectangular tables, you can make long, luxurious centerpieces with candles, flowers and greenery. Hanging lanterns from the top of the tent will create a romantic atmosphere and make sure the tent stays lit as the sun sets.

If available, place a fire pit a little ways away from the tent and have marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate ready for guests to make s’mores. This sweet treat could take the place of your cake if you are looking for a unique idea that could save you money.

As the night comes to an end, you and your love should leave in style. Provide guests with sparklers to light the way as you depart.

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