We’re loving: the luxury look

So you’ve thought about wedding DAY luxury – the pampering, the gown, the flowers, the special drinks, the food.

But what about setting a luxurious tone for your big day right from the start? That means sending a wedding invitation that’s crafted with exquisite papers and glamorous printing – all the best!

That’s why we love Posh Plush in Ecru Velvet. Yes, velvet paper! It’s trimmed into a crest shape for a rich look and then foil stamped with your wording on the front and your names on the back to make the whole invitation shine.

This is an invitation your guests will remember. They won’t be able to wait to see the luxury in store for them at the wedding!

(P.S. Posh Plush also comes in black velvet and grey velvet if that’s more your color style!)

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