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Steampunk Wedding
Want to have a wedding no one will EVER forget? Get in touch with your Victorian style and have a Steampunk wedding!

Start by inviting guests with our Aerial Steampunk invitation.  Guests will become immediately intrigued and excited for your big day with an invitation this fancy.

To look the part, have groomsmen dress in crisp white shirts, suspenders and top hats. Give bridesmaids Steampunk inspired jewelry and hairstyles resembling the Victorian era.

Decorate reception tables with an industrial theme; try using large candles and antique birdcages covered in gears and roses. Tie it all together with a Vintage Works art print; the hot air balloon design matches your invitations!

For a sweet treat, serve cupcakes decorated with edible chocolate gears. And as the night winds down, have guests shower the two of you with lavender as you make a dash to the getaway vehicle!

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