We’re loving: traditional engraving with modern flair

Engraving has been THE print process for wedding invitations for…well, forever. It’s traditional. Time-honored. Luxe.

“And old-fashioned,” you’re thinking, right? Wrong!

There are so many options today for engraved wedding invitations, you’ll be able to make yours as unique and modern as you are! Take our Ecru Panel Folder, for example. The simple, clean style lets you create the look you want.

Ink color
Black used to be the only ink color available for engraved invitations. Now you can choose from pastel ink, rich tones, even gold and silver for engraving your wedding invitations to introduce the style of your wedding.

Lettering style
In the past, engraved lettering styles were limited. Now, you can choose from a wide variety of lettering – script, block, elegant, modern and even combinations for a look that makes the invitation your own.

Highlight what’s important
Engraved wedding invitation lettering styles aren’t just one size fits all anymore. Choose to highlight your names, a phrase, a word like “Love” or another meaningful element from your wording in a larger lettering size and a different lettering style to show what’s important to you.

Just because engraving has traditionally been a formal process doesn’t mean you have to use traditional and formal wording! Write your own wedding invitation wording to show your personality and add contemporary style.

See? What’s old is new again, and it’s even better! How will you add your style to engraved wedding invitations?

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