You’ll Love: Cinderella Inspired Invites

You’ll Love: Cinderella Inspired Invites

Dreaming of a fairy tale wedding? Choose a Disney inspired invitation. How perfect are these Enchanted invitations inspired by Cinderella!

Try having your ceremony outdoors. Natural elements can help bring an enchantedfeel to your special day. Add more flowers, lights and lanterns to light up the venue.

Consider adding moss and bright flowers to your table centerpieces. Add gold candlesticks of various sizes to the table. Candlelight will look great with the moss and flowers, not to mention give the venue a romantic glow. Add gold pumpkins for an extra special touch!

When it comes to the cake, add Cinderella accents like a pumpkin carriage or a glassslipper. With an evening this magical, your guests will never forget your wedding!

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