Wedding Inspiration: Nautical Love

Do you love all things nautical? Then the ultimate nautical themed wedding is exactly what you need! With a few easy details, you will be on your way to the perfect wedding.

Invite all your guests with our Nautical Love Invitation. It features a rope and anchor design to fit your theme. Your initials allow this invitation a personal touch.

If possible, have a your engagement shoot near a lake or ocean.  Renting a boat or yacht would be the perfect background! You could have these photos displayed at your reception on your special day as well.

For your ceremony, serve signature drinks in our Nautical Drinking Jars that can also double as nice wedding favors. Place Nautical Coasters at the bar for guests to grab as they go to sit down or dance.

For dessert, serve seashell-shaped macaroons! Guests will love this tasty treat and your attention to detail. It is also a great alternative to a traditional cake.

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