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Valentines DIY
Valentine’s Day, the day of love and heartfelt gifts. This year, don’t get your special someone a box of chocolates or just any gift from the store. Make them something from the heart. We found a super cute and inexpensive DIY Valentines gift that would be perfect for anyone!

All you need is a wooden board, nails and colored string. We picked red, white and pink string to represent this lovely holiday.

We started by lightly tapping a heart stencil onto the wood board and then hammering in the nails. Once all nails were placed, we tore away the stencil. The board should be big enough to fit at least three hearts.

We then took the colored string and wove it around the nail hearts. We first wove the string, however we liked, creating a pattern of our choice. Then we traced the outside to really give the heart its shape around the nails.

And just like that we were done. Now we have a wonderfully creative gift for that special someone this Valentine’s Day!

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