Saw it, tried it…crushed it!

Toilet paper roll gift packaging
Little gifts need little boxes. But what if you don’t have any little boxes?

That’s where all those toilet paper rolls you’ve been saving come in handy! (What? You don’t hoard your toilet paper rolls? Start now!)

We’ve seen adorable toilet paper roll gift boxes on Pinterest and several blogs, and we decided to try them out ourselves. So we dug into our stash of toilet paper rolls and got to work.

1. Flatten the rolls.
2. Score the ends for folding. We used a co-worker’s Ninja Turtles glass as a guide to score the ends. It doesn’t have to be a Ninja Turtles glass, though. We tried it with a glass another co-worker accidentally borrowed from his local hangout and now uses as a pencil holder at his desk, and it worked just fine.
3. Tuck in the ends to make sure everything folds just right.

Toilet paper roll gift packaging

Open the boxes back up and fill them with gifts like cash, earrings or other jewelry, gourmet candies, an ornament, stocking stuffers – anything small you’re giving.

Then close again and embellish away! Use stamps, ribbon, paper doilies, personalized seals or labels, jute cord, paper bands, raffia, rhinestones or whatever goes with your gift decorating theme.

Cost? The price of the toilet paper, which you need anyway, and any embellishments you add. In other words, either free or really cheap.

Time? When you’re done playing around with your first box, it will take less than five minutes to make each one. The time you spend embellishing is up to you.

P.S. You can feel great about your creativity AND great for reusing and recycling.

P.P.S. If you have longer presents like gift cards, a personalized pen, a mini flashlight or some pickup sticks, use paper towel rolls for your gift boxes. (You’re going to start hoarding those, too, right?)


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