We’re crushing on: bowquets

We’re crushing on: bowquets

Nope, we didn’t spell bouquet wrong. (Our resident word nerd would be all over us if we did, and it wouldn’t be pretty.)

We’re talking about the BOWquet. The thing you carry at your wedding rehearsal that’s made out of bows and ribbons from your shower gifts all taped to a paper plate.

Wait – what? Paper plate? Yeah, the bowquet is definitely due for an update. Here’s our take on it.


Here’s what you’ll need:

• bows and ribbons and bling from shower gifts (because you saved them, right?)

• a medium bouquet form with a Styrofoam insert

• wired wooden floral picks


Here’s what you’ll do:

• leave the paper plates in the picnic basket – do not touch the paper plates

• attach wired picks to bows

• insert the picks into the Styrofoam base until the shape is bouquet-like

• wrap ribbon around the handle


Pretty, right? And pretty easy, too. You might want to ask a friend to help, though. An extra set of hands never hurts.

We’re already thinking about the next bowquet we’ll make. We’re dying to add some sparkly things and some lace and maybe even a little photo tucked in there of the bride and her maids at the shower.


Cost? max $10

Time? an hour or so


Let us know when you try this for yourself using #creativecrushedit

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  1. Deborah Carasso
    7 years ago

    At my son’s wedding last week, their bouquets were made from comic books. Theme was super hero’s. I’d send a pic but this post won’t let me. Looked awesome!!

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