Earth Day Creative Crush

Earth Day DIY
Earth Day is upon us and we just had to get a little creative! We found this awesome earth friendly craft – plantable seed paper.

• Blue and green construction paper
• Paper towels
• A blender
• Round cookie cutter
• A cup or pot
• Mesh screen (we used a splatter screen)
• Flower seeds

Here’s how we did it:
• Cut up one piece of blue paper and one piece of green paper.
• Place pieces of paper into separate bowls and fill with warm water, let sit for a couple minutes.
• Place blue pieces of paper in blender. You might need to add water, but blend the paper until it is a smooth consistency. Once you are done place into a bowl and set aside. Now blend the green paper the same way.
• Add flower seeds to the blue paper.
• Place the splatter screen (or mesh screen) on top of the cup and set the round cookie cutter on top of the screen.
• Place the blue paper in the cookie cutter and press it down until it touches the edges of the cookie cutter.
• Then place the green paper on top of the blue paper where you would like. The goal is to try and have it look like mini earths.
• We kept our plantable seed papers on the splatter screen to dry. We just set a paper towel on the bottom and the top to absorb some of the water. We also placed a few books on top to keep the edges from curling.

Once they dry, you can plant them. We love this idea just as much as we love this beautiful planet we live on, Happy Earth Day!

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