Saw it, tried it, crushed it!

With the first day of autumn next week, that means drinking more pumpkin spice lattes, hot chocolate and tea. That’s when we decided we needed to make super cool mugs for all our hot drinks, because the ones we already have just wouldn’t do!

And then we found this really neat idea online using white mugs, water and nail polish. So we tried it out of course!

In the directions we found it said to drop nail polish into a bowl of water and then take a toothpick to swirl it around… well all that did for us was make the polish stick to the toothpick.

So then we tried it again. Only this time we swirled the nail polish and then shook the bowl of water slightly so that the polish would spread in the water.

Then we dipped the white mug into the water and polish and slowly pulled the mug up. The polish stuck to the mug to create a pretty sweet design on what was just an ordinary mug before.

In the directions, it said to just dip the bottom of the mug in. We did the whole mug and then realized later that there wasn’t really a spot for your mouth with the nail polish. So we did it again but with a layer of tape around the lip of the mug.  That worked really well or you can also just do the bottom of the mug as originally suggested.

The end product looks really cool on our desks and we are pretty excited to use them all fall long! Bring on the sweater weather!

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