You’ll crush on: Free printable birthday banner

Creative Crush free printable birthday banner

We love birthdays. And all the trimmings. And cake. And sparkler candles. Oh yeah, and sprinkles. (Us, distracted? Never…squirrel!)

Anyway, thanks to our free printable super-stylish birthday banner, the “trimmings” part just got easier.

Here’s how to do it:
download the free banner art and print it
• adhere letters to cardstock to make the banner last for the next party (we prefer spray adhesive)
• cut out the letters
• punch holes in the corners and thread with jute cord or ribbon
• OR, don’t punch holes and attach letters to cord with teeny-tiny clothespins
• add frayed burlap ties or satin ribbon bows or other doo-dads between letters to match the party

Creative Crush free printable birthday banner

Once you get the supplies together, it’ll take you maybe an hour. Not kidding. So easy.

Then hang it up. At a co-worker’s desk. Amid the streamers. Over a child’s doorway.

Now about those sprinkles…

Make your whole birthday party coordinate with free printable birthday tags.

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January 9, 2018

So pretty!! Thank you!!

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