5 Invitation Mistakes that Will Haunt You

Halloween may bring scary stories and creepy costumes but we’re going to skip all that spooky stuff and warn you about some everyday things that can haunt you, especially when planning a wedding. Here are 5 common mistakes you don’t want to manifest in your wedding invitations!

1. Beware the Calendar

Take a good long look at the calendar and plan out when you need to order your wedding invitations so that you receive them in plenty of time to go through the addressing and assembly process. Depending on how many invitations you have to address (300 invites can take awhile) and how complicated the assembly is (think pocket wedding invitations), you could be looking at days of work rather than just a few hours. We recommend finding some minions to help so you’re not burning the midnight oil.

2. Fear the Unknown

Be sure to address the inner envelopes with the names of everyone invited to the wedding because if you’re not clear about who is invited, you might faced with the that is too many guests showing up at a venue with not enough seats. If your invitations don’t come with inner envelopes, then make it clear on the outer envelopes. For example, you can say “and family” to indicate the whole family is invited. If the entire family isn’t invited, write the first name and last name of each person in the household who is invited. If they share a last name, you only have to mention the last name once.

3. Get More Eyeballs

The more people you enlist to proofread your wedding invitation wording, the more likely you are to avoid truly terrifying mistakes like misspelling the name of your future Mother in Law or forgetting to include the wedding venue address.

4. Howl Back, Ya’ll!

Have a clear plan for replies and make sure to set the reply-by date early enough. You will need a few weeks to get a final guest count for vendors like the caterer, and they’ll likely want that count 1-2 weeks before the wedding date. 

5. No Crystal Balls

Don’t guess how much postage your wedding invitation will require. You can save yourself some money by taking one fully assembled wedding invitation ensemble to the post office and having it weighed. You can then purchase exactly how much postage you need for both the invitation and reply cards.

Heed our warnings and you’ll have one less nightmare to deal with while planning one of the happiest days of your life. Happy Halloween, friend!

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