Wording Ideas for Graduation Cancellations and Postponements

There are many reasons a grad party might need to be canceled or postponed, such as illness, a family emergency, or maybe the grad received a can’t-miss opportunity.

We’d like to share some ideas for wording graduation party postponement and cancellation notices with all of you! These verses can be used interchangeably and modified to fit your specific needs. We just wanted to give everyone a place to start. You can find Change the Dates here at Carlson Craft or use these verses wherever you choose to order. You can also send Graduation Announcements with wording explaining that the party has been canceled or moved to a later date. 

Keep in mind that you can request interaction from the guest even if the party is canceled. Several of the wording ideas below mention sending back a card or advice cards for the grad to read.

Graduation Party Postponement Wording Ideas

Wording Idea #1

We don’t want any party crashers

and COVID-19 is the worst!

So we are postponing the grad party for

Andrew Scott Warden

to August 22, 2022

Please join us at 2:00 pm

at our home for an outdoor celebration

222 West Garden Drive

La Crosse, WI 54601

Wording Idea #2

The graduation party for

Andrew Scott Warden

is postponed until further notice

We WILL gather to celebrate

and we will be in touch with

a new date and a new plan!

Wording Idea #3

The graduation party for

Andrew Scott Warden

is NOT canceled

but it is postponed

until we can celebrate

with our loved ones.

More details to follow.

Graduation Party Cancellation Wording Ideas

Wording Idea #1

Andrew Scott Warden

Graduates on May 30, 2022

Since we must celebrate apart

please fill out the enclosed card

with words from your heart

and send it to  

222 West Garden Drive

La Crosse, WI 54601

Wording Idea #2

We’ve canceled the party and have


Send some words of encouragement

and she’ll soon be 


after hearing from all of you!

Wording Idea #3

Andrew Scott Warden

is graduating from the

School of Hard Knocks

where parties are canceled

due to unforeseen circumstances.

He could use some kind words, wise words,

funny words, sassy words.

Any words will do!

Fill out the enclosed card

and send it to

222 West Garden Drive

La Crosse, WI 54601

Wording Idea #4

We’re sorry to say

The graduation party for

Andrew Scott Warden

Scheduled for

May 30, 2022

Has been canceled

due to a family emergency.

Please share your best wishes and advice

on the enclosed card to help us

celebrate Andrew’s incredible achievement.

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