An Eco Friendly Wedding

Being environmentally conscious is already a big part of your everyday life and luckily, it’s only getting easier to make choices that will reduce waste, reuse items, and sustain the environment. Keeping up this green lifestyle into your wedding day is easier than ever and we’ve compiled a list of 5 areas you can make changes to that will be good for the environment without sacrificing functionality or style.

The Bar

If your venue allows, request that all drinks are served in real glasses instead of plastic ones that will just get thrown away. You can also request that stir straws are not given out or provide them with paper straws as a replacement. You can also incorporate your wedding theme or colors with the paper straws for an additional touch!


If you choose to give out favors, consider where they come from when purchasing. Locally made items like baked goods or soaps in paper or cotton favor bags or a glass mason jar are sure to be a hit! You could also plant tiny potted succulents in a variety of reusable containers found at estate sales or thrift stores. Another thing to consider would be metal straws. This favor is one that will keep giving back to the environment way beyond your big day!

Floral Arrangements

When choosing floral arrangements, be sure to consider what is going to be in season on the day of your wedding. Choosing flowers that need to be imported or flown in will require a large amount of fuel to be transported. By choosing flowers that are grown locally, not only are you reducing your carbon footprint, you’re also supporting local businesses that can put that money back into the community.


Using décor that is rented or purchased secondhand is a fantastic way to reduce waste. As a rule of thumb, and kind of single-use items are not good for sustaining the environment. On top of that, renting your décor or purchasing from secondhand wedding websites or stores will save you money and space because you don’t have to worry about storing or selling it all after the day is over. If you choose to buy, you can always donate or sell on consignment so that your items keep getting reused!


Stationery is a large part of your wedding celebration from sending out save the dates, invitations, and having programs printed for the day. By choosing an invite that is made from recycled paper, like our Flowers and Vines invitation, you are making an eco-friendly choice.

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