What to do about graduation parties!

What to do about graduation parties!

The fact that 2020 grads aren’t able to finish a traditional school year seeing friends and participating in all that goes on that final year is heartbreaking. And you’re likely wondering what to do about a graduation party or how to celebrate during this crazy time.

Sometimes processing such an important decision is much easier when you’re able to visually work through the options, so we created this infographic designed to help you decide whether or not to cancel the graduation party.

No matter what you choose to do, be sure to send the absolute BEST graduation announcements you can find because they have never mattered more than they do right now. You can also find some pretty awesome yard signs for graduates as a unique way to recognize their achievements. At the end of the infographic, you’ll see alternative celebration ideas and we mention coordinating a Car Parade and having friends and family sign a grad posters as a fun way to see everybody yet still create a memento the graduate can keep forever.

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