2020 Fall Wedding Trends because COVID can’t stop love!

Plenty of couples have rescheduled their spring weddings due to COVID restrictions, some are keeping their already scheduled wedding dates because they just can’t wait and some are moving their winter weddings up so they can still celebrate outdoors. No matter who you are or what your situation is, every couple deserves a fall wedding that honors their love and is an event to remember! Any couple rescheduling their 2020 fall wedding should take a look at our change the dates, for sure.

We are seeing some unique trends that make 2020 fall weddings a special kind of wedding, and there are plenty of new, beautiful seasonal trends as well. So Here are the 10 most important trends we think all fall wedding couples should know for their COVID-friendly affair.

5 COVID Wedding Trends

  1. Small, Intimate Venues

Most couples will opt for a small, very intimate wedding during COVID-19 to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection for all involved. That means there is a whole slew of small wedding venues couples can take advantage of. Places like your favorite city park pavilion or public garden space. You can even do pop-up weddings! Check out this article by IntimateWeddings.com to see why this idea is absolutely awesome.

2. Masks

Masks are a reality during the pandemic and have been backed by the CDC as a proven method for preventing and reducing the spread of COVID-19. It only makes sense that wedding couples would choose to encourage mask wearing at their wedding by offering disposable masks, especially if it’s indoors. Of course, couples are sure to get wedding photos with their masks to mark this historic time and they’re even finding “formal” masks to match their attire!

3. Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor and outdoor/indoor weddings have always been popular during the fall simply because the season offers such wonderful temperatures. During a pandemic, outdoor weddings are even more popular since COVID doesn’t spread as easily outdoors. This fall, get ready to see lots of colorful outdoor weddings.

4. Personalized Sanitizing Methods

Couples want to make sure they are offering guests everything needed to stay safe while gathering with family and friends. Small bottles of sanitizer and individually wrapped sanitizing wipes with personalized labels have become a fun way to incorporate this safety precaution into any wedding, and we don’t think this trend is going away after the pandemic.

5. Sequel Weddings

Lots of couples are choosing to get married via a small, personal wedding ceremony and are planning a larger party later when it’s safer to gather. Destination wedding couples have been doing this for many years and it’s such a great way to get the best of both worlds!

5 Fall Wedding Trends

  1. Non-traditional Attire

Brides and grooms have been exploring non-traditional wedding attire for years but getting married during COVID-19 definitely offers the right atmosphere for embracing the unusual! We love non-traditional wedding attire and in the year 2020, we’re seeing some really amazing wedding jumpsuits. Are you questioning that this is really a hot trend? Check out David’s Bridal selection and see for yourself.

2. Autumn Blues and Rusty Hues

One of our absolute favorite 2020 autumn wedding trends is the use of earthy blues and rustic hues. So pretty! Teal and blue thistle look amazing with other fall colors, and rusty hues including orange and terra cotta are simply divine when paired with dark blues.

3. Greenery

The greenery trend has only gotten stronger and the pandemic is not going to change that one bit. With so many outdoor weddings, and people simply getting outdoors more, greenery is on everyone’s minds because it offers some calm in the midst of the COVID storm. Add it everywhere in your wedding if you can.

4. Prairie-Inspired Bouquets

Grab a handful of prairie and tie it up in a bow, and you will see why this trend is really taking off. It celebrates country chic like never before and it brings a whole lot of whimsical nature into your wedding. The bouquet shown here is simply exquisite.

5. Signs, Signs, Signs

Signs have been raging in popularity for weddings and parties for many years now but they are even more important now. Signs are a safe way to communicate at your wedding without requiring guests to touch unnecessary items like wedding programs. There are so many different ways to create gorgeous signs and they really add to the ambience. You’ll find some great options in our reception decorations here at Carlson Craft.

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