Photo Booth Signs

Photo booths are a fun and entertaining addition to any social gathering. They provide an opportunity for guests to let loose, share some laughs, and create some pretty special memories.

The Blue Wedding and Social Stationery album by Carlson Craft offers a couple new photo booth signs for you to point out to your customers. The signs provide a unique and personalized way to let guests know where the real fun begins.

Following are some steps you can take to assist your customers in creating some amusement at their special event.



• Learn more about the new photo booth signs…
Vintage Photo Booth Sign (item number WKKX31971P): This photo booth sign is done up in slate and red. Printed on white foam core board, the sign measures 16” x 20” and is available personalized with names and the event date.
Step Up to the Booth (item number WKK32043): This circus-inspired photo booth sign is done up in red, blue and black. Printed on white foam core board, the sign measures 20” x 16” and is not available personalized.

• If you don’t already have the current Blue Wedding and Social Stationery album (WK) from Carlson Craft and would like to request one, please contact our Dealer Records team at 800-538-1585 or

• Most items available in our albums are also available on our Carlson Craft Online Store. The Blue Wedding and Social Stationery album online code is WR. From the home page, simply click on the dropdown arrow under the “SHOP BY BRAND” heading on the right. Scroll down to find and select “Blue Wedding and Social Stationery” in the dropdown list and you’ll be on your way. If you don’t already have an Online Store and would like to increase your sales opportunities, contact us by phone at 800-292-9207 or via email at

• Set up a photo booth in your store for some fun interaction with your customers. Order one of these photo booth signs to include in your display. Have a variety of props for customers to use, such as costume pieces like a pair of glasses with attached moustache; an open picture frame large enough to fit a couple faces; boas; small, wooden-framed chalk boards and chalk; and any other quirky items you can think of that will add to the fun. Offer to email the pics to the customer(s); this is a great way to get contact info. You might also ask them for permission to post their photos on your Facebook page; encourage them to “Like” your page if they don’t already. Allow them to take selfies and send them to you via email for posting online with their permission, as well.


• Advertise the photo booth signs on your social networking sites (Facebook, Pinterest, etc.).

• Advertise the photo booth signs within your store answering machine message, cell phone voicemail, and email signature area.

• Upsell the photo booth signs along with the other reception decorations you have to offer when working directly with your customers. Keep in mind that photo booths are great for company picnics, anniversary celebrations, graduation open houses, birthday parties as well as weddings. This opens the door to fun for everyone!

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