Five Hot Summer Wedding Trends

Bride holding wedding bouquet

The big story in weddings this year is that there isn’t an “it” color or theme. Couples are choosing to use neutral invitations as a base and adding pops of color and textural elements that suggest the tone of the event. In any year, in any season, Carlson Craft has invitations that will inspire the wedding of your dreams.

Trend: Neutral Colors

Letterpress Wedding Invitation with delicate floral design

Not tying your wedding theme to a signature color can free your imagination, releasing your creativity as you plan the rest of your wedding day. This season, neutrals are the foundation for many of this summer’s most stylish weddings. It’s all about tactile details like letterpress and unexpected pops of color. Begin with a neutral wedding invitation, like those found in our Luxe Collection, then, for the wording, choose a bright ink color to let guests know to expect the unexpected. Or surprise them with a colorful envelope liner.

Trend: Blind Embossing

Embossed wedding invitation with simple design

Tactile details are a big trend this year, but if the traditional look of letterpress isn’t your style, consider blind embossing. Embossing literally rises off the paper toward your guests, highlighting the selected design elements while maintaining the neutral color scheme so popular this wedding season. Designs run the gamut from traditional, with multi-panel borders to fun, bohemian designs with geometric or art deco patterns to sleek and modern contemporary invitations like the one from our Trend Collection featured above.

Trend: Sheer Details

Wedding invitation with vellum wrap

Vellum wraps add a translucent layer to a wedding invitation, creating a glamorous look. The botanical wrap featured above adds color to the neutral wedding ensemble while providing a tantalizing glimpse of the invitation. Other wraps featuring embossed designs, foil stamping or the couple’s names or monogram will add interest to a neutral invitation. For all-out luxury, a laser cut wrap is another way to add dimension to an invitation. Pairing vellum or laser cut wraps with ribbons and bows will add even more texture to your wedding ensemble.

Trend: Being Authentic

Minimalist wedding invitation with photo on back

But neutrals aren’t for everyone. Neither are traditional invitations. Photo wedding invitations are quickly growing in popularity with couples looking for casual wedding invitations that tell their story. We like the style shown above because it features the best of both worlds: a full photo back and clean and contemporary wording on the front. The background color we’ve chosen gives the nod to this season’s neutral pallet, but the couple can choose from over 60 vibrant colors for the background and customize the wording to say precisely what they want.

Trend: Being Bold

Wedding Invitation with nautical theme

What do we mean by being bold? We think it’s closely tied to being authentic and the couple thinking about what’s right for them, whether it’s a traditional church wedding or the ceremony most meaningful to them, even if it’s off-beat or off the beaten path. To us, being bold means trying out innovative new designs, including adding QR codes to response cards so guests can reply by linking directly to your website.

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