Themes That Fulfill Dreams

As spring turns to summer and summer to fall, we are fortunate to witness the changes of the sights, sounds and, yes, even the smells of the natural world around us.

In the retail world – more specifically the wedding industry – you know these changes are coming well before they arrive. The customers searching for wedding invitations glistening with snowflakes have turned into customers searching for those with blooming flowers, mason jars, and then eventually a palette of warm colors and falling leaves.

This spring and summer, watch for an increase in requests for fresh, clean designs that have an urban charm about them. The “Ride On” invitation shown here is a prime example of this trending style.

Country chic is another style that has been forging along for some time now. This trend will continue throughout the summer and roll easily into fall. By combining style with a down-home vibe, bridal couples are thoroughly mastering this trend without being seeming too country bumpkin.

To assist your customers in fulfilling their wedding dreams this summer and fall, take a look at the following action steps making it easy for you to be successful.



• The Themes & Dreams album is a great resource when looking for trending themes. Page through the album to see just how simple it can be to make each of your customers a satisfied one. If you do not already have this album and would like to request one, please contact our Dealer Records Department at 800-538-1585 or

• Visit your Carlson Craft Online Store to view these and more trending themes your customers may be looking for this summer and early fall. From the home page, simply click on the dropdown arrow under the “SHOP BY BRAND” heading on the right. Scroll down to find and select “Themes & Dreams” in the dropdown list and you’ll be on your way. If you don’t already have an Online Store and would like to increase your sales opportunities greatly, contact us by phone at 800-292-9207 or via email at

• Mention a specific summer theme (floral, nautical, outdoors, typography, geometric patterns, etc.) in the signature area of your emails right now. Rotate to a new theme on a schedule to keep it interesting and fresh. Talk about them, briefly, in your voicemail recording. Tweet, post and pin about these types of items you have available for your customers. After the fourth of July you might consider changing over to discuss fall themes (warm colors, rustic, shimmer stocks, leaves, etc.)

• Order invitation samples and accessories to construct an in-store display for summer. Consider a floral garden theme or a nautical theme. Plan a display for fall, as well. The warm colors of autumn or a country charm theme. Utilize our Pinterest boards for plenty of display ideas.


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