Top 5 pictures to take at your wedding

Wedding Photography Tips
After speaking with many brides, we realized that one thing we heard time and time again was how each bride wished certain pictures had been captured during the big day. After all these pictures are supposed to be memories that last a lifetime.

So we compiled a list of the top 5 must have pictures from your wedding!
1. Self-shots – it’s not all about shots with the wedding party. Make sure to get pictures of just yourself in your wedding dress and while you are getting ready. These pictures will capture every detail of your dress that you will want to remember forever.
2. The big reveal- make sure that your photographer captures the moment your partner sees you for the first time all glammed up! This is a huge moment; your partner’s reaction will be something you both can cherish forever. If you are also doing a first look with your father, photograph that as well. It isn’t just a big moment for the two of you as a couple; it’s a big day for your parents as well. And the photos of the first look with your parents can make excellent gifts later on.
3. The reception – now with the reception, there are a few photos you must get. Of course there is the first dance, speeches and the father-daughter dance. But make sure your photographer gets action shots of all your guests dancing. It will be fun for the two of you to see what went on at the wedding during the whole celebration. It will be nice to see what a great time everyone had.
4. Putting on your dress- if you have your wedding party or your mother help you put on your dress, let the photographer know that you want that special moment to be captured. It is a memory that is too precious to be missed.
5. The first kiss- this is an absolute must have! The first kiss to conclude the ceremony is the moment everyone is waiting for!

It will never hurt to get as many pictures as possible. This is one very special day and the memories will last a lifetime.

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