Commonly Forgotten Wedding Expenses

So many details, large and small, come with planning a wedding. So much so that
brides might miss some details that might not seem as important while planning!
Here are some wedding costs you don’t want to forget.

Postage – Depending on your invitation weight or size, you might need to pay extra
in postage. To get an accurate prediction of how much you will be spending,
assemble an invitation and bring it to the post office to weigh it.

Wedding day meals – Your wedding party and some of your family will be helping
you get ready and set up on your big day. Don’t forget to provide food and beverages
for them so they don’t get hungry before you walk down the aisle!

Lighting – Some venues don’t come with proper lighting. You might need to provide
your own to get your desired look on your wedding day. Think about mood lighting
and what you want to be lit up at your reception!

Gratuities – Make sure to budget well in order to tip the necessary people like
vendors, the band or DJ, bartenders, photographer and stylists.

Post Wedding – Set a little money aside before the big day. This money will go
towards thank you notes, dress cleaning and making prints of your wedding photos!

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