2 fun bat mitzvah theme ideas

A bat mitzvah is something that young Jewish girls look forward to – it’s a time to celebrate turning 12 and entering into adulthood with family and friends. Here are a few fun theme ideas to help make the event even more memorable:

Winter wonderland
If you’re lucky enough to be hosting a bat mitzvah in the middle of winter, you can turn the sparkle and shine of the season into stunning decor. Send out winter-themed invitations to give guests a hint of what’s to come. This Large Star of David Invitation features a background mixed with stunning blues and purples with a white border to set the tone for the seasonal event. Fill the entryway with balloons, include accents of gold and silver, and use plenty of specialty lighting to reflect the cool colors of winter.

Dress up your venue with plenty of vibrant colors like firetruck red, crisp whites and bright yellows, just like in this carnival-themed space. They used a red-and-white striped tent to house the band and offered party guests a sweets table where they can pick and choose what they would like to snack on. Set the tone for your carnival-themed event with the perfect personalized invitations. This Faith in the Torah Invitation is filled with an assortment of bold colors to match the party’s fun and upbeat style.

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