2014 trend: unplugged weddings

With a new year comes new wedding trends, and one thing that we’re going to be seeing a lot more of are unplugged weddings. This happens when the bride and groom respectfully ask all of their wedding guests to put away their phones and cameras for the duration of the wedding. Doing so ensures that each and every loved one at the venue will be truly present for the wedding instead of worrying about their Facebook status or figuring out which filter to put on their Instagram picture.

Living in an era that heavily relies on technology, smartphones and other devices has affected our everyday lives. We don’t go anywhere without smartphones, and sometimes don’t know when to put them down. An unplugged wedding means that the bride won’t look to her loved ones and see a phone in front of their faces and none of the guests will miss a second of this special day. Here are a few guidelines to follow if you wish to throw an unplugged event:

Let them know ahead of time
It’s likely that nobody would be psyched about knowing that they can’t use their phone or camera right as they’re sitting down at your wedding. To keep everyone in the loop, make a note on your wedding invitations that everyone should turn their phone and cameras off for the ceremony. You can also do the same in your wedding programs and even have your officiant mention it before the big day begins. But don’t just tell them they can’t have those devices – explain why. When they understand your motives, they’re going to be more likely to part with their phones.

Have somewhere to store devices
If your guests still brought phones and cameras to your wedding, they’re going to need somewhere safe to keep them, much like a coat check. You can designate a few ushers to collect the devices and keep them in a safe spot until the ceremony has come to a close.

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