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Something Fabulous
Celebrity event designers Kimberly Allen (left) and Jennifer Charles (right) of Something Fabulous have a special working relationship. The inspire each other. They challenge each other. They are a dynamic creative team.

Oh, and they’re sisters!

Jennifer and Kimberly have been working together for 10 years. Jennifer drives the design trends. Kimberly is the wordsmith. Jennifer is the fashionista and the style-maker. Kimberly is the gypsy, recharging on the road and bringing what she sees back to the business. Jennifer loves the runway. Kimberly considers Home Depot her Nordstrom.

Here’s what else we found out when we talked with them. You’ll fall in love with Something Fabulous after reading this – if you haven’t fallen already!

Do you design individually?

We design as a team. It begins with the client and interviewing them to understand their personalities, tastes and vision for the event, and joining our creative input for the design.

What inspires you?

Telling a story is what inspires us. Our design style is an interpretation of our client’s vision. The story could be a color, how the couple met or a shared passion – like pets!

What got you started in design?

Kimberly: My career has taken me from theatre to the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus to designing corporate events. Home Depot is my Nordstrom!

Jennifer: I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology to be a fashion designer, but there was one problem: I hate to sew! Instead, I interned at Good Morning America and the Today Show in lifestyle and fashions.

What are your favorite wedding invitations to design?

Ones that are completely personal, detailed to the couple and tell their story.

Any tips for brides on finding the perfect wedding invitation style?

Listen to yourself. Listen to others’ advice, but remember – your style can only be discovered by you. Take time to understand the purpose your invitation suite serves for you and what it represents to you and your fiancé. Invitations represent the tone and style of the event and make the first impression, so make sure they reflect your needs and requirements as well as your style.

What do you do in your down time?

Jennifer: I love creating memories and traditions with my family. Also catching up on fashion magazines, country drives and shopping for vintage finds.

Kimberly: I love to hang out with my family. My daughter is nine years old and is so full of wonder and curiosity.

Name three favorite things in your house:

Kimberly: My coffee maker, my yoga mat and the pie plate I bought in England. They all represent the simple pleasures life gives us each day.

Jennifer: A plaque in my office that reads, “Never get too busy making a living that you forget to make a life,” my fluffy mohair pillows, and my Kate Spade mugs.

We’re so excited to have two Something Fabulous wedding invitations featured in the brand new 20Fifteen™ album. Check them out here!

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